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What is TeX SDN?

SDN Security

We take security really serious, thats why we invented a secure layer, called virtual cable, in order to connect SDN controllers. This layer is based on opensource technology like wireguard and Open vSwitch


You can use TeX SDN ontop of your excisting infrastructur. Internet, Server, DataCenter, Router - we implement our SDN controllers into your network and not the otherway around

Proofen Technology

We use only technology which is proofen in enterprise scale useage. Rocky - Alma Linux. PGP/GPG, age, golang, https only, Open vSwitch and many more.

shabin Shabin

Creative mind at work

habin is the driving force behind TeX. He is calm, well thought throught and at times the chaos - technology enthusiast need.
He joined forces with Patrick after discovering how inefficient and expensive traditional SDN solutions are.
Shabin is a well educated Cloud DevOps Engineer and responsible for a varity of projects and solutions.
He is deeply involved as a hindu priest.
ShaPat Studio or the We Connect Tech Podcast are his mediaprojects.

patrick Patrick

A modern it wizard in his element

atrick is the network wizard and technical powerhouse behind TeX.
He is deeply passionate about tech and opensource and has a unique look on IT.
Besides doing things like compiling the first fedora kernel on M1, he is also a passionate mentor for many young people in IT.
He is deeply involved in ShaPat Studio or the We Connect Tech Podcast.

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techpoc Techpaper PoC

Techpaper for the TeX SDN PoC

Author: Patrick Dombrowski, Shabin Shanmugalingam

techcuc Techpaper CuC

Techpaper for the TeX Cryptography and Connectivity

Author: Patrick Dombrowski, Shabin Shanmugalingam